About my photo journal

Photography has always been about changing mediums and changing the material that photographs are printed on. We went from printing on metal, to printing on glass and then printing on paper. When I think about photography, I think about the physical aspect of it and how much I can hold it in my hand.

The best type of photograph you can hold in your hand is an instant one, and thus my idea for using Polaroids was born. I love Polaroids and their retro effect and the emotion and value you can achieve when just holding a freshly developed one.

I came across David Hockney’s work while searching for photographer that worked with Polaroids, and his work instantly captivated me. I loved the composite effect he did with his Polaroids and how effortless these collages came out. The beauty and simplicity of the subjects as well as how he was able to capture foreground and background and give the photo a 3D effect. I wanted at once to be mimic his style and produce my own set of Polaroid composite.